Produces the most suitable solutions for your transportation organizations in all modes, regardless of the volume of your load, with the “Boutique Forwarder” mentality it brings to the sector.

Regardless of the volume or cost of your cargo, it is at the forefront of us to transport it with the same seriousness and care.

This seriousness and care continues without hesitation from the pricing stage to the delivery of your cargo.

TALOS is a party and responsible for the regular flow of information at every stage of the transportation process and alternative solutions to potential problems.

Making a difference in the sector with its Kazakhstan Partial, Uzbekistan Partial, Azerbaijan Partial, Georgia Partial and other Turkic Republics Partial services, TALOS also offers alternatives to the Turkic Republics with Highway, Seaway, Railway and Airway services.


We can prove the “Boutique Forwarder” understanding that TALOS has brought to the sector with the service provided by our operations department, which works like a logistics department for you.

We carry trust, not only cargo, with the daily “Tracing” report, getting information about your cargo 7/24, and our friendly, sincere and solution-oriented working principle.

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