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You can reach detailed information about Customs Applications below;

  • About Egypt ACID Number
  • About the Moroccan Certificate of Conformity
  • About the Russian Federation Mandatory Label Application
About Egypt ACID Number

Below we present the announcement about the ACID-ACI number to be applied in corn exports for your information. The ACID-ACI number application started to be implemented as of April 1, 2021 and the final transition will be made as of July 1, 2021.

With the publication of the Customs Law No. 207/2020, before the export shipment is made within the scope of Article 39 of the Law, the "Preliminary Shipment Information-Advanced Cargo Information (ACI-ACID)" number must be received by the importer and sent to the exporter for processing on the export documents.

The exporter or her representative can use the platform by engraving the ACI number on the export documents.https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en address) to the importer. In order to send the documents with the ACI number processed through the system to your importer, a contact request must be created by the exporter addressing the importer.

The importer submits his request to the customs authority through Nafeza, with the export documents processed in a suitable place and in a certain way on the exporter's ACI number, and the information to be entered, in order to complete the customs procedures before the export shipment moves from the port.

According to the information received, shipment information and documents are requested at least 48 hours before the shipment departs from the export country in order to create the ACI number and record it in all documents.

The party responsible for submitting the documents to the customs through the system is the importer or the authorized person such as the person / consultant who has her power of attorney.

Nafeza platform ( https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en ), It is implemented within the scope of Egypt 2030 Vision in order to facilitate customs procedures in Egypt and to make Egypt a center within the framework of regional-global trade.

Detailed information about the system https://www.nafeza.gov.eg/en available at.

Source: General Directorate of Foreign Representations and International Activities / Rep. of Turkey. Ministry of Commerce


About the Moroccan Certificate of Conformity

We present the announcement regarding the new regulation to be implemented by the Moroccan Government below for your information.

A certificate of conformity will be required for the importation of some product groups sent to Moroccan ports by the Moroccan Government. During the import process, Moroccan customs will not operate without this document. For some product groups, a certificate of conformity obtained from the country of export is required, while for some product groups, a certificate of conformity obtained from the destination port is required.

You can see the list of both types of product groups below.

• Automotive Spare Parts: Tire, Battery, Brake Pad, Glass, Filter Elements, Mechanical Control Cable

• Building Products: Ceramic Tiles, Cement, Sealing Foils, Sanitary Products, Fittings, Plastic Pipes and Fittings

• Wood panels

• Gas Appliances: Gas Furnaces, Gas Water Heaters

• Wire rod and concrete reinforcement bar

• Clothing other than work clothes

• Electrical products: Cell phone chargers, circuit breakers

• Rug, Carpet, Carpet and Upholstery Fabric

• Diapers

Only 3 organizations listed below can provide certificates of conformity.

• Veritas

• TÜV Rheinland

• Applus

About the Russian Federation Mandatory Label Application

It is stated that the mandatory labeling of shoes, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products will be implemented in Russia as of July 2020 by the Customs Consultancy of the Moscow Embassy and that the Government of the Russian Federation will be in line with the above-mentioned ones in 2020.

-Medicines for medical use -01.07.2020

-Cameras (except film cameras), flash and flash lamps- 01.10.2020


-Tires -01.11.2020

-Light industry products -01.01.2021

It has been reported that mandatory labeling will be implemented for

For details and information note on the subject tıklayınız.


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