Airline transportation is a preferred transportation model for the product to reach the desired point faster.

As Talos Logistics, we provide Airline Transportation services with our worldwide agency network and the experience that we have gained over the years. It is our primary duty to provide the most accurate and fastest service in line with the weight, size, and content of the cargo to be transported, and to deliver your products on time, safely and completely.

We provide door delivery services from the airport to airport, from airport to domestic destinations. We offer reliable, fast, and solution-oriented service with the most suitable freight options and our expert staff by determining the alternatives in line with your demands.

Talos Logistics carries out the operational process smoothly with the fast, safe, and transparent flow of information you need in Airline Transportation with the boutique service understanding it brings to the sector.

Our primary goal is to support your value chain by acting with the principle of the right product, right place, right time, which are indispensable for your supply chain.

We produce solutions according to your demands for your project or other loads that require special transportation conditions (Flammable, Temperature controlled, etc.) We ensure that your cargo reaches its final destination safely, with services such as providing the most suitable aircraft, procuring special equipment required for loading, determining packaging requirements by examining the route, load, and time schedule in line with your requests. We provide storage and insurance services integrated with Airline Transportation service in line with your needs.

Talos Logistics also serves your transit and combined transportation demands with its privileged services.

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